Philomena Aidoo

Philomena Aidoo

Philomena Aidoo graduated from the Methodist University in 2014 with a degree in Human Resource Management. However, after graduation, she couldn’t find a job hence took to learning bead making. For the past year’s after graduation, She lives on what she earns from her beads.

According to her, she doesn’t see the need of joining a group such as the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana while she could be working on something for herself. “I don’t see why I should join” she said. “If no one can employ me, I can employ myself” she continued.

Philo as she is called over the years has learnt (tablet and liquid) soap making, dettol making and intends to learn sewing in addition. Currently, she is an apprentice learning hair dressing.

In future, She intends to bring all her skills under one umbrella where she would be able to employ people.

Here are some of her beads…

A couple of beads Philo has made

A couple of beads Philo has made

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