ROOTS by Linnan

ROOTS by Linnan

ROOTS by Linnan is a contemporary Ghanaian fashion brand that uses indigenous smock fabrics from the Northern parts of Ghana to create desirable everyday wear pieces.

The brand does not only seek to make clothes but to tell stories using our fabrics and style; a story about people and culture. We aspire to influence society with our clothes and the stories we weave around them. Our first collection, ‘Love Brewed in Bawku’ was released last year.

With barely a year in the industry, Roots by Linnan has established itself as one of the frontliners of this current trend. Our founder, Ms. Perfectual Linnan, was named by as one of the 100 most outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Thier latest collection,”Northern Zebra” is inspired by the unique stripes of the zebra.

The stripes signify harmony, balance and individuality. The blending of opposites speaks to how one can maintain their distinct individuality and still be in harmony with others.

The new collection aims at encouraging us all to identify and embrace our original selves, knowing that we are all different but unique but in embracing the truth that opposites do attract and that there’s beauty in diversity. It is about:

☆ POWER and

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